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Al-Yassiri: more than 2500 accused were brought to justice in the past year including 16 ministers or ranked minister

Feb 2 , 2017

CoI commissioner Dr. Hassan Al-Yassiri announced on Tuesday 31/1/2017 that CoI settled (13863) complaints, information and criminal cases during 2016, recording an average of completion ratio to 77%. He revealed that during 2016, CoI received 2001 complaints with accomplishment ratio of 100%.

Al-Yassiri mentioned during the press conference of announcing CoI annual report for 2016 that CoI settled 2001 complaints with an accomplishment ratio to 100%, 3243 information with completion ratio of 77% and 8619 criminal cases with an accomplishment ratio of 73% of 11825 criminal cases referred by CoI to the competent judiciary. He detailed further that during the same year, 2512 accused were referred to the competent courts including 16 ministers or ranked minister, where 22 referral decision were issued against them. 127 other accused D.Gs and senior officials were referred to judiciary under 191 referral orders.

Al-Yassiri assured that CoI investigations also lead to 3198 arrest orders, 836 of which were implemented by the Law Enforcement Agencies while failing to implement 782 arrest orders with an accomplishment ratio of 52%. Al-Yassiri called law enforcement agencies to implement theses arrest orders for public interest.