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PM Approves Our Central Assigned Team`s Recommendations on Follow-Up Public Money

Feb 5 , 2017

CoI confirmed that PM approved recommendations of its assigned team for investigating and tracing the public money including vehicles, fixed assets still at acquisition of the former officials, mentioning that its procedures resulted in recovering money and properties possessed by twelve former officials.

CoI indicated, that Procedures of the central team led to an existence for names of ministers, top figures and members in the former Governing Council were not discharged their trust when left jobs or retired, noting that it managed to recover properties and money possessed by twelve officials, sustained actions are to be taken in connection with the others as well.

Many field visits to departments and government institutions were performed by this team as well as addressing many official letters to different entities and parliament committees in order to take into consideration the action taken against former officials and to know places they moved to for recovering public money. It pointed out, that previous oversight reports never identified violations, especially violating for public budget law. The reports had enough mentioned of keeping such properties in the former officials` possession without indicating to the legal violation and way of recover.

Recommendations of the team have included a proposal on selling the State properties of the former prominent employees` possession based on provisions of the law of sale and lease State property. In case of not implementing, law of fine no. (31), 2015 is to be applied, while government debts law no. 56\1977 is to be applied against who haven`t covered by the two preceding proposals.

It was noted that, law of federal public budget for 2015-2016 provided to not promote for any retirement petition for the sake of former officials including ( the three presidencies) in case of existence for public money possession and by a reactionary effect from 9\4\2003, their salary shall not be released unless their trust be delivered. End