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Ten-year sentence to former Director-General of Social Welfare for taking over public money

Feb 7 , 2017

The competent criminal court on integrity cases issued a default sentence to ten years in prison against the former DG of the Office of Social Welfare in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for illegally taking over public funds.

CoI`s Office of Investigations asserted the issuance of a default judgment against the fugitive convict (A.S.H) under the provisions of Article 316 / First Prst ptedin issuance of aart of the Iraqi Penal Code, pointing out that he had taken while he was occupying office movable property belongs to the State, and did not return them when he left office.

The legal representative of the Ministry requested a complaint against the accused fugitive, specifying the value of the damage to public property, and asserted his omission as well as fining him the amount of damage, as the Court found that the statement of the legal representative, the obtained evidence and the presumption of escape of the accused from justice are sufficient and convincing to convict him, thus, prosecuted him according to the legal article.

The court`s decision also included two orders; seizing the convict`s movable and immovable property, and granting the affected the right to demand reimbursement just as the decision becomes final.