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CoI establishes an office to coordinate affairs of Inspectors General Offices

Feb 13 , 2017

The commission of Integrity revealed on Monday 13/2/2017, for the establishment of a department in the level of an office lower than a general directorate to coordinate the affairs of Inspectors General Offices, added to CoI`s offices, directorates and investigation offices all over Iraq. It referred to the PM`s directions to establish that office based on the authorities vested to him according to the law of Establishing, Merging and Managing the Engagements of Administrative Formations No. 12 of 2011.

CoI indicated that the office would carry the name of (Inspectors General Affairs Office) and that it would execute the jobs of coordination and follow-up the works of Inspectors General offices at all state institutions as well as coordination between the ( offices and the Commission) so as to develop the performance of these offices and free them the from pressures conducted by some, pointing out that the provisions of articles (3/ seventh and 6/ first &seventh) of CoI`s applicable law No. 30 of 2011, gives the right to CoI to carry out any work in fighting and preventing corruption, provided that such work is necessary and contributes to achieving its goals. Article 6 in paragraphs (first & seventh) authorize CoI Commissioner to develop and run CoI`s general policy, along with executing any tasks and practicing any authorities stipulated by CoI`s law or others laws.

The commission of Integrity announced, early October last year, the PM`s agreement on the provisions of vision of CoI Commissioner, Dr. Hasan Al-Yasiri, that are related to fighting corruption, and which pointed out in its third item to (attach the system of Inspectors-General to CoI; appoint and dismiss them by CoI; and to liberate this system from the pressures of some ministers and officials). Noteworthy to mention that CoI had in its administrative formations a section concerned with following up the affairs of inspectors general office.