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Dr. Hassan Al-Yassiri the national supervisory personality with best performance for 2016; a result of electronic referendum and field survey

Feb 27 , 2017

Dr. Hassan Al-Yassiri was elected as the national supervisory figure with best performance for the year 2016 according to a referendum conducted by the Iraqi Union of News Agencies, which involves more than 170 news agencies, satellite channels and media outlets, to elect the remarkable and effective figures in the local arena.

The Union`s Secretary-General pointed out - in a speech inaugurating the ceremony which witnessed the announcement of the referendum results - that the annual ceremony aims to deliver a clear message to the world that Iraq, no matter how many hardship it undergoes, would not bend and would stand lofty in front of the challenges facing the future of its sons, stressing that the creative work and sound performance is the one that reveals the true spirit of men, especially in the time of crisis, and noting that the Union intended through the referendum that lasted for four months by e-mail participation and field survey, to refute the rumors and tendentious gossip through which some attempt to create confusion over the victories of our armed forces and the popular mobilization units (PMUs) and to distort the outstanding performance made by the national institutions and figures.

The ceremony, which was held under the slogan (Your Sacrifices .. Deeply Appreciated) to celebrate the achieved victories against ISIS terrorists in Nineveh province and other areas, witnessed distributing shields to the winning figures in the referendum, including a number of ministers, deputies, inspectors-general, advisers, presidents and deans of universities, as well as a number of security personnel and leaders at the PMUs, where the Director-General of CoI`s Office of Education and Public Relations represented Dr. Al-Yasiri to receive the shield (of the best national regulatory figure).

Selecting Dr. Hassan Al-Yassiri as the best national regulatory figure for 2016, comes after he was named on the international level, as a member of the Board of Governors of the International Anti-Corruption Academy, representing Asia and the Pacific, and on the Arab and regional level he was elected as the Deputy Chairman of the First Conference of the Arab Anti-Corruption Organization as well as Chairman of the Arab network to Promote Integrity and Combating Corruption

Noteworthy to mention that the Iraqi Union of News Agencies, is a community organization that involves more than 170 news agency, satellite channels and media outlets. It conducts an annual electronic referendum and field survey in most of Iraq`s provinces to select the national figures that achieve the highest percentage of votes for their performance.