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Calling on everyone to support the national regulatory bodies Al-Yasiri: the citizen is the foundation in the system of fighting corruption

Mar 5 , 2017

CoI Commissioner, Dr. Hassan Al-Yasiri called for the need that the national regulatory agencies receive the backing of everyone, noting that corruption has become a global lesion threatening the future of the peoples of the whole world without exception, which makes it imperative for all the society factions to support the agencies and institutions confronting this dangerous scourge.

Dr. Al-Yasiri indicated, in a word initiated a seminar on Tuesday Feb 28th, 2017 organized by CoI`s Iraqi Anti-corruption Academy in cooperation with the Universities of Baghdad, Al-Mustansiriya, Al-Nahrain, Al-Iraqiya, and the University of technology and Information Technology, that the citizen is the foundation and most important in the system of fighting corruption. He warned of corruption`s transformation into a social phenomenon by the people`s dealing without knowing, explaining that the citizen is the one responsible for electing the righteous, not others.

Dr. Yasiri identified some of the obstacles that stand in the way of fighting corruption; the weakness of some of the legal texts of corruption crimes, stressing their need to become strict at times, and to originate new sanctions required by the present circumstances of the country at other times, as well as other obstacles he referred to such as entrusting positions depending on partisan affiliations and legislating the Amnesty Law which included an amnesty for some crimes of corruption despite the objection of the CoI on this item specifically in the law. Other obstacles he highlighted, such as the reliance of some to raise the slogans of fighting corruption through the media without a real will to do so, and the attempt of some to generalize the character of corruption on all state institutions and their employees, without exception.

CoI Commissioner indicated the mechanisms of fighting corruption that should be followed, explaining that they may be social, such as the need for granting government positions to the righteous, not others; caring for the educational and awareness aspects; developing programs to fortify the community to the defilements of corruption; and disseminating community awareness with the concepts of integrity by the clerics and preachers and trust urged by the true faith, indicating that the legal aspects that contribute to fighting corruption must be in support of the regulatory agencies rather than calling upon dissolving them, and to find legal provisions to ensure deterring the corruptors and violators of public money, as well as to "deter the disregard by some to this money which should be intact; being the people`s money."

The seminar - held in Martyr Al-Hakim Hall at the University of Baghdad, and was attended by a number of university presidents and deans, staff and students, and entitles (Integrity; A Genuine Societal Value) - included a lecture by the Director General of the Iraqi Anti-Corruption Academy in which he addresses the roles and functions of the scope of CoI`s work specified by the law, explaining the mechanisms of its work being one of the national regulatory agencies entrusted with the task of thwarting corruption and preventing trespassing on public funds and illicit enrichment, referring to pivots of CoI`s educational and awareness activities, as well as the pivot of illicit enrichment. He also noted in his lecture and reviewed items of the vision of CoI Commissioner in the fight against corruption, which earned the PM`s approval. End.