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CoI calls IG offices in Nineveh to soon complete investigation on criminal cases

Mar 12 , 2017

Commission of Integrity confirmed, at a meeting held with the representatives of IG offices in Nineveh, to speed up the administrative investigation completion on criminal cases, reply to the letters and correspondences and develop the solutions to avoid delays that may occur.

During the meeting, which is headed by director of integrity investigation directorate in the province, emphasize on the branches of IG offices to urge their legal representatives to attend before the investigative Judge on integrity cases so as to resolve the pending criminal cases, in addition to the quick response of the directorate due to its relation to settling many criminal cases.

The attendants discussed the procedures of work at IG offices and directorates of the province and nominate coordinators from those offices to coordinate with CoI`s investigative directorate to ensure the rapid completion of investigations and overcome the obstacle standing in its way.

The attendants called for matching the records and documents relating to real estate offices that were found after the liberation of the left side of Mosul with the central database of the directorate of the real estate in Baghdad to determine the cases of cheating and fraud in those records committed by ISIS terrorist gangs.