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Dr. Al-yassiri praises to the role of academic milieus to disseminate integrity culture and inviting of contributing in fight against corruption

Mar 16 , 2017

Dr. Al-Yassiri (the commissioner of COI) confirmed that the university is the best environment to disseminate the integrity culture and anti-corruption, where itís the place which includes the elites and qualifications that reliable in support the oversight bodies in the task of awareness and guidance, warning of generalization of corruption on every one before issuing the decision by the judicial entities.

Al-Yassiri emphasized in his word through the seminar organized by IACA in COI within its continual cultural program (the integrity is a significant value from the university`s values), and need to immunize the society of corruption, calling for non-interference in the work of oversight bodies( supported by the constitution and law), indicating that fighting anti- corruption to be through system and legal and society mechanisms not by throwing each other by words, and contesting by media, and urging reject the reasons of frustration that stopped the construction and development in the country.

Dr. Al-Yassiri diagnosed during the seminar held in cooperation with some privet universities, such as Al- E`ssraa` collage\ university, Al- Bayan universities and Al- Mansour that some of the legal texts fighting corruption need to strength and legislating other laws consistent with the current circumstance of country, explaining the mechanisms to be followed to reduce the corruption`s crimes lowest possible level by qualified and honest persons who have sufficient experience not others, move away from standers of the hateful power sharing and assigning the task of contracts reviewing to the central entity without other and the integrity shall to be basis in selecting the members of this committee as well as activating the federal civil service law and cancel the economic committees.

Al- Yassiri confirmed the need to fortify the society to prevent falling into the traps of corruption and lack of contributing to disseminate the information and news by users in the political affairs relating to press the corruption`s accusations before approved by the relevant bodies or by auditing and certifying because of publication culture of disseminating of the accusations by some the political aims far from reality.

The cultural seminar addressed a ward delivered by dean assistant of the scientific affairs which confirmed the effective role of COI in fight anti-corruption, which is one of the important national oversight bodies, indicating to support the academic milieus for its extraordinary efforts, calling for its independence from any effect might be exercised on it, pointing out the importance of awareness activities published by COI among the students and professors, which aim to find a good citizen who contributes to build his country with righteousness and integrity.

The seminar attended by a number of collages` deans, professors and students, as well as witnessed submitting a detailed explanation by (Dr.Basim Al-E`qabi)\ DG of IACA ,of the mechanism of the commission work and the powers by its applicable law no.(30) in 2011, promoting his explanation with a summery show certified with the documents and numbers for the most important files opened by COI during the current year, shad lighting on the accomplished ones referred to the competent judicial entities and other cases which are under investigation, explaining the vision of commissioner of COI in fight against corruption, which was approved by Prime Minister in the beginning of the last year.

It should be noted that this seminar which is in the context of the projects organized by COI including disseminate the integrity culture among the universities, where the commission held several seminars with Baghdad, Al-Mustansiriya, Al- Nahrain, Al-Iraqia, Technology and Karbala` Universities to disseminate the integrity concepts.