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Recommendations of the National Campaign (My Job is Trust)

Mar 19 , 2017

Recommendations of the National Campaign (My Job is Trust)


In conjunction with the World Day for Fighting Corruption which comes as the Ninth of December every year, and by the organization of the Office of Relations with Non-Governmental Organizations, the Commission of Integrity (CoI) launched its national campaign (My Job is Trust) on Dec 12th, 2016 and lasted until Dec 31st, 2016, in which different parties participated from the public sector including the various state entities and the inspectors-general as well as the private sector from unions, syndicates and CSOs. The campaign involved the activities of civil society and tens of awareness programs such as seminars, workshops, lectures and ceremonial activities focused on the need for building a society free of corruption by disseminating the culture of integrity, ethical manners; projecting the positive role played by the public service in delivering public services to the citizens; respecting the service values; preserving the rule of law as well as respecting the codes, instructions and the legal systems that represent a sound and healthy society. The number of the activities conducted during the campaign was 267; 150 in Baghdad and 107 in the provinces.

The Recommendations:

 The following recommendations that stemmed from the programs and carried out during the campaign can be recorded:

1. Regarding the ninth of December every year as the Iraqi Servants Day in a symbolic reference coinciding with the World Day for Fighting Corruption.

2. Circulating the document of recommendations - directed to all the state servants - announced by CoI and signed during the inaugurating ceremony by the respected CoR Speaker, CoI Commissioner and the representative of the President of the Republic on all the state institutions to be viewed by the servants in order to operate under its instructive items.

3. Continuing the building of trust bridges between CoI and the non-governmental organizations through signing partnerships and documents of honor with the organizations willing to support CoI in revealing corruption cases and raising societal awareness as well as investing their energies in promoting the dissemination of integrity culture and the ethical manners through joint programs developed for this purpose and working together to create a public opinion that rejects corruption.

4- Strengthening programs that promote the principle of voluntary work to mobilize the national aspects of the society in advocating CoI.

5-Developing the channels of communication between directors and employees to ensure productive participation in the performance improvement and innovate benefits system to encourage the employee to do his best as choosing (the distinct employee) periodically and then honored them in a public celebration provide that they are selected according to criteria set by CoI.

6- Preparing advanced training programs for employees in various functional specialties, especially for those working in the financial and accounting fields and the contractual personnel to ensure employee immunized from falling into the clutches of corruption and corruptors.

7- developing annual plans to the state institutions include staff immunization programs in cooperation with CoI to remind the employee with the sanctity of public money and the need to respect laws, instructions and regulations governing the work provide that to involve all employees in these plans, be a part of the promotion programs and it can be named (immunization programs).

8- Requiring the curricula directorate in the ministry of education to prepare and develop moral education programs and curricula to be more scientific and serious to ensure fixing of culture of fighting against corruption, such as wasting of public money, wasting time and mediation among pupils and students.

9- Reconsidering the structure of fees and salaries in order to ensure the balance between the requirements of living and level of fees.

10- Working on involving the electronic governance in the state petition.

11- Reconsidering to assume positions to manage the legal offices in the institutions to ensure the ability and effectiveness of the legal offices for being strength of the institution to avoid falling in corruption.

12- Developing the short and long- term plans to be consistent with the changes in the institutions and not to depend on personal interpretations through mechanisms, quality standers and institutional development.

13- Holding periodical meetings by COI with non-governmental organizations activist in field of anti-corruption to follow up and observe the global, regional and local developments in the aspects of anti- corruption.

14. Holding a meeting by Commission of Integrity with representatives of visual, audio and written media to discuss the mechanism of joint cooperation in the fight against corruption, spread the culture of integrity and transparency to approve a media program (audible, readable and written), involving all national awareness media activities. This media program will adopt the delivery of CoI message in the fight against corruption and its permanent and serious efforts to spread the culture of integrity in the society and presenting CoI investigative and preventive responsibilities to win mass, raise the proportion of overall satisfactions, create a side supporting CoI and improve the mental image among public.

15. Preparing a Code of Conduct for the private sector, similar to public sector by Relations with NGOs office.

16. CoI would continue the implementation of awareness programs targeting all society sections similar to the national campaign (my Job is trust).