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CoI Teams Observe Suspicion of Corruption in the process of inauguration positions at Entry Points

May 18 , 2017

CoI Central team, which visited the departments and joints of the Ministry of Finance, recommended the need to find a mechanism for coordination between the Public Taxation Commission and the Ministry of Commerce to register the problems and obstacles related to the identification of taxpayers.

The report prepared by the team noted several observations on the work of the Public Commission for Taxation / General Headquarters, which were not been addressed, despite the fact that they did not cover all areas with coverage and survey for taxing the taxpayers and weak role of the control department. , With the exception of two companies and the blocking of information on the amount of revenue earned by internet providing companies.

The team, which follows up the implementation of the outputs of the mobile inspection teams, which assigned earlier by the CoI to follow up and know the level of services provided to citizens. As well as recommendations proposed for processing them in co-ordination with the Ministry of Finance; have found suspicions of corruption in the process of inaugurating of position at the entry points in violation of the instructions and regulations determined for assuming office. Inauguration of position requires that the tenure of office most be for one year only. It recommended that the Office of the Inspector-General should take the necessary procedures.

With regard to the absence of a staff member in the passenger lounge of the Council of Ministers at Baghdad International Airport, the central team referred the matter to the office of the Prime Minister and the Secretary General of the Council to take the necessary procedures.

The report pointed to the failure of the Royal Jordanian Airlines to pay the amounts owed to customs, in addition to delaying passengers because of the lack of workers for the transport of goods due to the failure of the company concerned.