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Al-Yassiri praises the role of professors for disseminating integrity`s values and rejecting conducts foreign corruption

May 18 , 2017

Dr. Al-Yassiri (commissioner of CoI) pointed to the great responsibility that taken upon the academic milieus in disseminating the integrity values. As well as enhancing the straight conduct, pointing out that the values of original society reject the corruption and hate the corrupters and violators to the public money, calling for the professors to specified part of their lectures for identifying the corruption risks on the future of the country.

Al-yassiri, confirmed in his speech, in the cultural seminar that organized by the Iraqi academic for fighting corruption in the commission cooperating with Al-Mustansiriya University that the mottos and high voices didnít succeed in fighting corruption in any country in the world. However, there are systems and methods that contribute to reduce this danger, and there are legal mechanisms are taken upon the legislators and society mechanisms promoted by the concerned institutions, starting with the institutions of civil society through Universities and ending with the citizen.

In his speech Dr. Al-Yasirri classified the seminar (commission of integrity.. the authorities and limits) the types of corruption, clarifying the seriousness of each type. At the same time, reviewing the unprecedented steps taken by the commission in order to reduce the status of corruption follow up the level of progress of public service, reviewing the achievements that the commission was able to achieve in 2016.

For his part, the head of Al- Mustansiriya University in his speech, in the held seminar within the activities of the awareness program (the integrity is a genuine value from the University values) organized by the Academy cooperating with number of public and privet Universities. He praised the preventive strategy of the commission of organizing and holding the campaigns, awareness and cultural programs, the conferences and media forum, pointing out that the Universities has taken upon itself to adopt the national project calling for fighting corruption, believing in the extent of damage that corruption creates on the future of world as a whole.