Commission of Integrity: our investigative, auditory Staff prevented the waste of more than 205 billion dinars spent illegally by the budget of Maysan province                                   For the embezzlement of more than two billion dinars ... Prison sentence to the former director of accounts at the Iraqi Center for Heart Disease                                   Office of Prevention stresses the need for activating the single window system in announcing public contracts                                   After the seizure of a person impersonating the work in his office... CoI Commissioner calls on citizens not to deal out of legal regulations with any party whatever the temptations or promises                                   Prison Sentence to 10 Years on One of Al- Rafidein Bank`s Client; for Stealing Amounts of Money via Forged Instruments                                   Employee at Al-Rafidain Bank imprisoned for inflicting deliberate damage of more than a billion dinars                                   Recovery of more than six hundred million dinars belong to Diyala`s Health Directorate were wasted                                   Sentencing former accounts director to prison for embezzling more than half a billion Iraqi Dinars                               


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Commission of Integrity: our investigative, auditory Staff prevented the waste of more than 205 billion dinars spent illegally by the budget of Maysan province

Apr 30 , 2017

The Commission of Integrity revealed that it`s investigative and audit teams were able to prevent the waste of more than 205 billion dinars from the development budget allocated to the province of Maysan...

After the seizure of a person impersonating the work in his office... CoI Commissioner calls on citizens not to deal out of legal regulations with any party whatever the temptations or promises

Apr 20 , 2017

CoI revealed on Tuesday 18/4/2017, that arrested a person impersonated the work in the office of CoI commissioner Dr. Hassan Al-Yassiri to receive money in return of false promises of appointment...

From the city of the Master of Guardians and the Honest, CoI launches its awareness program (Integrity: Essence of Religions)

Apr 18 , 2017

Calling for tightening laws against corruption crimes, the head of the Shiite Endowments calls on state institutions to cooperate with the oversight bodies to eliminate the phenomenon of corruption...

With the participation of twenty researches … CoI organizes its ninth annual scientific conference in cooperation with Karbala Center for Studies and Research at the Imam Hussein`s Holy Shrine

Apr 12 , 2017

With the participation of about twenty researches and five field: legal, educational, religious, civil and media, and from inside of the Imam Hussein`s Holy Shrine as well as the presence of representatives of the Judiciary...

Calling to open its office in Iraq ... Al-Yassiri demands Transparency International to depend more sources of information it adopts in issuing its annual reports

Apr 12 , 2017

CoI Commissioner Dr. Hassan Al-Yassiri called on Transparency International to increase the sources and standards adopted by it in issuing its annual reports on corruption in the world, pointing to the need to adopt accurate indicators in the definition of corruption files...

CoI Observes Manipulation, Embezzlement in Al-Rashed Bank Valued Billions of Dinars, Judgment Detains Defendants in Custody

Apr 12 , 2017

CoI revealed on Tuesday 11\4\2017 observing several manipulations and embezzlements in the commercial branch accounts of Al-Rashed bank, noting that such amount valued billions of Iraqi dinars...

Al- Yassiri Calls to Focus on Substantial Issues, Fight Major Corrupters without Fear

Mar 29 , 2017

CoI commissioner Hassan Al-Yassiri has called the CoI`s Directories and Investigation Offices to focus efforts on the major issues and not afraid of fighting corruptors regardless of their parties and positions...

Al-Yassiri: more than 2500 accused were brought to justice in the past year including 16 ministers or ranked minister

Feb 2 , 2017

CoI commissioner Dr. Hassan Al-Yassiri announced on Tuesday 31/1/2017 that CoI settled (13863) complaints, information and criminal cases during 2016, recording an average of completion ratio to 77%. He revealed that during 2016...

Al-Yassiri: The work of our field investigative teams resulted in the referral of more than 30 major cases to the court

Feb 2 , 2017

CoI commissioner Dr. Hassan Al-Yassiri confirmed on Tuesday 31/1/2017 that the work of CoI field investigative and audit teams resulted in referring of...

Commission of Integrity announces its annual report for 2016, confirms the prevention of wasting and recovering more than two and half trillion Dinars

Feb 2 , 2017

CoI Commissioner, Dr. Hassan Al-Yasiri asserted - at a press conference attended by a number of MPs, officials, inspectors-general as well as representatives from the United Nations, the Supreme Judicial Council and the Public Prosecution - that CoI was able to recover and prevent wasting about...



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   List of forgers for 2010 elections

May 25 , 2010

Seventy-three of the candidates for the House of Representatives submitted falsified educational certificates that required for the 2010 legislative elections. ..


   Al-Essawi, suspended high-ranking officials disclose financial statements

May 25 , 2010

Iraqi deputy prime minister, Rafaa Al-Essawi, submitted his financial disclosure form for 2010 on May 16. Following Al-Essawi`s disclosure, the rate of compliance for the presidential...


   Up-to-date list of education certificates forgers

May 9 , 2010

In the frame of ongoing efforts of the CoI in regaining credibility in Iraqi educational documents, the CoI is publishing a new list of...


   Baghdad Al-Jedid Municipality manager gets 2 years in prison

May 6 , 2010

Al-Rusafa Court of Felonies sentenced a former manager, who worked in Baghdad Al-Jedida (New Baghdad) municipality...


   Former police chief faces 15 years in prison

May 6 , 2010

Al-Rusafa Court of Felonies has sentenced in absentia Diyala police chief, who is holding general major rank, to 15 years in prison...


   Central bank of Lebanon freezes $3 million, 344 million Lebanese pounds

May 5 , 2010
Upon the request of Iraqi Commission of Integrity, the Anti-Money Laundering Investigation Body(AMLIB) in the bank of Lebanon has taken on Dec. 21, 2009, the step of freezing ...      more...

   Pharmacists` syndicate accountant apprehended taking bribe

Apr 23 , 2010

The Anti-Bribery unit in the CoI has apprehended Pharmacists` Syndicate accountant, accepting bribes -in Baghdad- on...


   CoI denies disclosing PM financial amount

Apr 22 , 2010

The CoI has denied revealing the financial disclosure amount for Prime Minister Noori Kamil AL-Maliki. The CoI also denies publishing any numbers included in the statement on April 15, 2010...


   CoI postpones second annual festival for short films

Apr 19 , 2010

Because of many tested and checked short films submitted to the CoI, the second annual ...


   CoI charges 1,790 with corruption `including 98 high-ranking officials`

Apr 19 , 2010

During the first three months of 2010, investigative judges, who looked into the corruption cases stemming from probes by the CoI, issued 1038 arrest warrants against governmental ...


   Iraqi PM submits personal financial statement

Apr 18 , 2010

Prime Minister Nouri Kamel Al-Maliki submitted in April 15, 2010, his personal financial disclosure form to the CoI; also, 13 ministers had disclosed their financial status for 2010...