Commission of Integrity: our investigative, auditory Staff prevented the waste of more than 205 billion dinars spent illegally by the budget of Maysan province                                   For the embezzlement of more than two billion dinars ... Prison sentence to the former director of accounts at the Iraqi Center for Heart Disease                                   Office of Prevention stresses the need for activating the single window system in announcing public contracts                                   After the seizure of a person impersonating the work in his office... CoI Commissioner calls on citizens not to deal out of legal regulations with any party whatever the temptations or promises                                   Prison Sentence to 10 Years on One of Al- Rafidein Bank`s Client; for Stealing Amounts of Money via Forged Instruments                                   Employee at Al-Rafidain Bank imprisoned for inflicting deliberate damage of more than a billion dinars                                   Recovery of more than six hundred million dinars belong to Diyala`s Health Directorate were wasted                                   Sentencing former accounts director to prison for embezzling more than half a billion Iraqi Dinars                               


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    Iraqi Anti-Corruption Academy
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  Iraqi Anti-Corruption Academy

The Iraqi Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) was established to fight corruption in accordance with Article (10/ninth) of Commission of Integrity`s law which states that the Academy to be run by a director general who holds at least Bachelor`s degree and experience with a minimum of ten years in the field of   specialization.

The Academy aims to train, to insure presenting continuous education programs for personnel working for oversight entities, to spread the culture of integrity, transparency, accountability and to prepare research and studies. In response to a proposal put forward by the CoI, the Council of Ministries shall issue an order to regulate the Academy`s tasks, objectives, means, methods of management and payments as well as issuing certificates.
In accordance with the above mentioned text, the Iraqi Academy was created to be a platform for launching scientific research to counter corruption, to boost the concepts of the rule of law, integrity, transparency and accountability as well as providing professional and objective training opportunities, besides preparing research and studies.
The Academy seeks to achieve a number of objectives that would build and develop anti- corruption capacities, spread the culture of integrity, combat corruption, confirm principles of transparency in the public-sector services and participate in producing special anti-corruption strategies.
The Academy is tasked to design, to implement training programs for the anti-corruption bodies, to support continuous education programs, and to spread the culture of integrity, transparency and accountability.

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