Within its awareness program (united women against corruption) Relations Office with NGOs organizes several events and educational activities                                   Recommendations of the National Campaign (My Job is Trust)                                   Dr. Al-yassiri praises to the role of academic milieus to disseminate integrity culture and inviting of contributing in fight against corruption                                   CoI calls IG offices in Nineveh to soon complete investigation on criminal cases                                   Disrupting attempt to steal eighteen billion dinars in cooperation with MOF`s IG office                                   Calling on everyone to support the national regulatory bodies … Al-Yasiri: the citizen is the foundation in the system of fighting corruption                                   Dr. Hassan Al-Yassiri the national supervisory personality with best performance for 2016; a result of electronic referendum and field survey                                   United Women Against Corruption... Office of Relations with NGOs Strives Launching Program of Awareness                               


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  Why the Surveys ?

Apr 18 , 2010

Raheem Al-Uqailee
Judge - CoI Commissioner

  Sex Trading

Apr 15 , 2010

An Iraqi emigrant came back home to finish his official transaction told me about an employee he visited in one of Iraqi offices, and he said:   I found her office fully qualified but not she, while rarely is she there and you have to wait for her more than an hour,...

  Right Word

Apr 12 , 2010

Has anybody of us ever thought about his latent powers and potentials, and why they are not used in the interest of this country? Why? we pass the daily of the monotony breath and the routine with no renewal, i.e. it


Apr 4 , 2010

She is the most famous woman in Iraq in 2009??!
She was in charge of the accounts section in Baghdad municipality (Amanat). Definitely, she became the most well known among women in her country and most frequently mentioned lady in Arab...

  The speech of Deputy Commissioner of the CoI in the forum of NGOs and fighting corruption

Apr 2 , 2010

Judge Ezzat Tawfiq Jafar 

  Iraq in the transparency report for 2009

Apr 1 , 2010


Raheem Hassen AL-Uqailee

The CoI Commissioner