Within its awareness program (united women against corruption) Relations Office with NGOs organizes several events and educational activities                                   Recommendations of the National Campaign (My Job is Trust)                                   Dr. Al-yassiri praises to the role of academic milieus to disseminate integrity culture and inviting of contributing in fight against corruption                                   CoI calls IG offices in Nineveh to soon complete investigation on criminal cases                                   Disrupting attempt to steal eighteen billion dinars in cooperation with MOF`s IG office                                   Calling on everyone to support the national regulatory bodies … Al-Yasiri: the citizen is the foundation in the system of fighting corruption                                   Dr. Hassan Al-Yassiri the national supervisory personality with best performance for 2016; a result of electronic referendum and field survey                                   United Women Against Corruption... Office of Relations with NGOs Strives Launching Program of Awareness                               


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Investigation office arrests

Regulation Iraqi Anti-Corruption Academy

   Investigation office arrests for 2012
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   A check forgery …. CoI: A contractor was arrested of stealing (800) million IQD, and money recovery

Dec 24 , 2012
CoI investigations office of Diyala detected a theft of (800) million IQD by a contractor and was arrested by the authorized power...

   Fighting corruption … Three captures and sentences against embezzlers

Nov 7 , 2012
An officer in the anti- drugs department was arrested under judicial order in Messan, because he was terrifying and blackmailing people in financial claiming existence...

   A commissioner of Police was arrested by COI to act fraudulently in criminal records

Oct 8 , 2012
 CoI/ Al Karkh investigation office has arrested a commissioner of police working in the criminal records directorate as red-handed receiving money...

   Investigations of CoI caught a chief of civil society organization

Oct 7 , 2012
By a judicial order, the department of special operations in Investigations’ directorate caught chief of civil society organization (specialized in fighting corruption)....

   It is available free … Commission of integrity (COI): An Employee works in AL-Ashar tax office caught in act of selling estimators` form

Oct 4 , 2012
AL-Basra Monitoring team/COI caught an employee works in AL-Ashar tax office in act of blackmailing citizens during her official work....

   CoI captures embezzlement

Sep 18 , 2012
AL-Rysafa investigation office in CoI, caught in the act, 11.5 Iraqi Billion Dinars embezzlement crime in one of AL-Rasheed banks. During the investigation, the main...

   CoI: arresting the head of AL-Hindya executing office in Karbala red handed

Aug 16 , 2012
The head of AL-Hindya executing office in Karbala was arrested red handed with bribery, by the specialized authority, according to a judicial order while...

   By a Judicial Order, CoI Arrests Members of Generators Committee in Nineveh Province Taking bribes for Installation Civil Generators

Aug 14 , 2012
Two members in generators committee were arrested in Nineveh province for blackmailing a citizen against completing a special checking on a generator...

   COI arrests MOT official possess billions for forgery

Jun 25 , 2012
The team of investigations office is investigating and searching to determine the total amounts that one official in ministry of trade has peculated...

   More Than (150) Billions ID. … CoI Discloses Forged loans In Rafidain Bank – Ministry of Defense Branch

Jun 10 , 2012
A very big corruption case in Rafidain bank – Ministry of Defense branch was uncovered by CoI teams, whereas the manager of the bank has given  illegal loans...

   Two smugglers were arrested

Jun 7 , 2012
CoI special operations unit arrested two smugglers used to bring hundreds of Arabs and foreigners into Iraq, as experts contracted with foreign investment working companies...